Lightning protection for commercial areas requires the same major components as residential systems. However, since commercial properties tend to be more complex and extensive than residential, the lightning protection system must be adapted accordingly.

All types of commercial areas such as industrial parks, churches, manufacturing plants, military installations, schools, banks, hospitals, historical landmarks, emergency facilities, sporting complexes, chemical plants, corporate centres, nuclear plants and oil refineries need lightning protection.

Although the principle is the same, the higher the building, the heavier and larger the cables and components will be. Commercial areas require heavy duty lightning protection because if they suffer lightning damage the effects can be far-reaching.

As an example, plants that generate power such as electricity already face many challenges to meet the needs of a growing population. Should a lightning storm cause damage, it could mean hazards for the workforce and neighbouring community, not to mention downtime while valuable equipment is replaced or repaired. This hampers not only the plant but also the population who depend on it. Power-generating utilities can increase reliability and reduce costs in the long term by choosing a lightning prevention system to avoid storm-related damage.

Buildings such as churches and hospitals are classed as high-risk, as they involve large volumes of people and the structures are often particularly tall. They are likely to have external lightning protection fitted as a result. Sports facilities such as swimming pools, sports centres, football grounds and other commercial entities that attract people in their masses must also have the most modern lightning protection to ensure user safety. State-of-the-art lightning protection systems based on advances in technology can provide peace of mind for owners, employees and members of the public. A risk analysis must be carried out to determine the level of lightning protection required, after which a suitable protection measure can be provided to offer optimum reliability.

If you require help and advice on lightning protection for a commercial area, contact the professional team at Lightning Strike.

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