Lightning protection for business parks is crucial, not only to protect the safety of employees and visitors but also to prevent power outages so that business uptime remains uninterrupted.

A lightning strike causing severe damage to a building can potentially put a business out of operation for months, so the importance of lightning protection should never be underestimated. A bolt of lightning can pack up to 100 million volts of electricity; ripping through roofs, exploding brick and concrete walls and igniting fires.

Lightning can kill, so if business premises don’t have proper lightning protection there is a risk of death or serious injury to employees and visitors. Apart from the risk to life, the cost of lightning strikes to business premises can be staggering.

Insurance claims, the destruction of equipment, fire damage, loss of production and damage to stock can all result from one lightning strike. Many business premises, particularly those of contemporary design, may be vulnerable to lightning damage due to multiple service entrances, the presence of metal building components and hi-tech electrical equipment. Damage to robotics, computer equipment and communication lines can spell disaster for a business. Extended downtime means a loss of income and insurance claims mean more expensive premiums in future.

Lightning protection is all about safeguarding people and property. Every building’s architecture is unique, so a bespoke custom-designed lightning protection system can be installed to meet each structure’s individual needs. New commercial buildings can have lightning protection included at the construction phase but if you have an older property, a lightning protection system can be an easy addition.

If you’re concerned about your business’s lightning protection, contact Lightning Strike… we’re always happy to help.

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