Although all of the Marvel Comics’ superheroes have amazing powers, one of the most spectacular characters is Storm: the creator of lightning. As one of the X-Men mutants, the female character has the power to control the weather and conjures up a mean storm, complete with terrifying bolts of lightning.

Her superpowers can send villains and whole buildings flying through the air. She has been voted Marvel’s number one female superhero, beating the most famous female lead character, Wonder Woman, in a readers’ poll run by Marvel and DC Comics.


The X-Men

Storm is a relatively new superhero, first introduced in May 1975 in a special edition comic called Giant-Size X-Men, written by Len Wein, with illustrations by Dave Cockrum. There had been no new X-Men stories between December 1970 and April 1975, so Storm’s first appearance marked a new era for the mutants, as Marvel began publishing new X-Men editions.

Along with fellow newcomers Nightcrawler, Thunderbird and Colossus, Storm was a new recruit drafted in by Professor X to rescue some of the original X-Men, who had vanished while on a mission to Krakoa. In a daring bid to save Iceman, Marvel Girl and Angel from an unknown fate, the new members joined forces with existing X-Men including Wolverine, Banshee and Sunfire.

The Pacific island of Krakoa was near a nuclear testing site and the radiation had mutated the island’s eco-system, enabling it to capture some of the original X-Men. Storm soon demonstrated her amazing powers of creating lightning and other stormy weather to use as a powerful weapon against their enemies.


Storm is one of a long line of superheroes deemed to be the top Marvel characters, including the likes of Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Daredevil, Captain America and Wolverine. The male equivalent of Storm (in that he can manipulate the weather) is Thor, who first appeared in August 1962.

The Asgardian god of thunder, Thor possesses a magical hammer, Mjolnir, enabling him to fly and manipulate the weather. He can summon the elements of a storm: thunder and lightning, wind, rain and snow. He can even create tornadoes through his cape.

As one of the most powerful mutants, Storm can control all forms of weather but is mainly famous for creating lightning. She incites all kinds of meteorological tempests including thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards and hurricanes, but she can also produce clear skies too.

While Storm’s lightning-producing skills are deadly, as a mutant and one of the X-Men her purpose is to help foster peace among mutants and the human race. She was ranked 42nd overall in IGN’s list of Top 100 Comic Book Heroes in 2011.

When the Marvel character Storm uses lightning as a weapon to injure people and destroy property, this isn’t far from the truth when it comes to the destructive properties of the natural phenomenon, that poses a real threat to buildings and human life, should it score a direct hit.

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