Proficient Services offered by lightning strike brochure

Lightning Strike Ltd is dedicated solely to lightning protection. With trained engineers to ensure that the best lightning conductors are properly installed, everything we do is in accordance with the current British and European Standards.

We also offer the following added services to suit individual preferences:


Many customers prefer a Lightning Protection System (LPS) that blends well with their property. With various designs we aim to safeguard the structure, while being sympathetic to its overall aesthetics.

Supply and Installation

Our trusted engineers will assess the risks. After the assessment, Lightning Strike will design and install a Lightning Protection System that can fully protect your structure.

Continuity & Soil Resistivity Tests
To determine the soil’s conductivity, the following tests will be performed:

Capacity of the ground for passing an electrical current
Corrosion susceptibility of a buried pipeline or when planning the installation of an earthing system
Gutter Cleaning Service
This is highly recommended once every six months. It includes:

Cleaning and clearance of all gutters and surface water gullies, channels drains and split drains
Channels that are over 50% full will have their grids removed and the spoil manually dug out
All debris will be bagged and safely removed from the site
Surge and Transient Protection Equipment
Primarily designed to safeguard electrical and mechanical equipment against temporary excess voltage and/or current, this is regularly installed to protect building management systems, fire and intruder alarms and CCTVs.

Earthing Systems

These are responsible for safely driving the lightning currents to the ground. Lightning Strike uses a wide range of configuration to help achieve a maximum resistance level of 10 ohms or less.

Lightning Strike Ltd offers great lightning defence services. Please call 01158 752 686 and we will be with you like greased lightning!